New breeding animal

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New breeding animal

Post by ThomasZalan on Sat Jan 14 2017, 23:37

Servus,  Hi

What is your strategy when a new breeding animal comes? (Frog, cat and now the peacock)

How many round of breeding do you start? (One round is 132x4 animals)
3?, 4? or 5?

How many rounds for the first time when they are breedable. For a decent, basic amount of breeding animal in your barn-market, or for do a workshop, pink stable right away. 

All of these questions are because I want to start a mini-game in this forum. 
From "x" rounds of basic animals breeding, and who will get the best or the most of the highest breeding animals (peacocks).

If there are 2 first place, then we analyze the next (one lower) breeding animal.

We would take a picture before we do the "x" rounds. (So we know how many basic peacocks were etc) Mustn't buy anything from the market after taking the picture and before taking final picture. 

Example from the Hungarian forum game:

Example for the pictures:

I'm curious who'd participate in that kind of "competition". In the HU forum, they play with 5 rounds. That's mean 2640 peacocks and 1320 PF. But we could lower it over here.

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Re: New breeding animal

Post by zensioux on Sun Jan 15 2017, 00:08

I'm good for 1 round. 5 rounds is too rich for me. I have 1600 Peacock. Just bought those under 11K which was only about 400. 

I usually breed just regular animals so I can build up my Level 1 & 2 animals to sell. I breed as much as I can afford at that moment, but the real truth is that I breed to fulfill what ever silly task BP gives.

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Re: New breeding animal

Post by escalonilla on Sun Jan 15 2017, 00:48

I do enough breedings to complete the event + the first 6-7 steps of the permanent quest.
It takes around 350 PF every time.

Also, I will try to buy the animal that is unlocked with the rune from the market.

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Re: New breeding animal

Post by alexis2112 on Fri Feb 17 2017, 14:29

Clearly, I am a rank amateur. With the exception of the 30 odd chickens (orange, red, etc) that I run to maintain a cash flow, I have never filled a field with one animal. 

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Re: New breeding animal

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