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Post by Brookeham on Mon Jan 08 2018, 03:34

I haven't used jumble stables in years! I hope it is a joke. I wish they would give us more colored animals for the newer workshops!!! thumbs up

edit: I just saw your latest post 12ss12!!! heart Ooooh do I want some more of magic & bb trees!!!!
The anacondas are an example of an animal I want an orange or red pen for!!! To make the pottery!!!! Now they will be used for hyena feed?

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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by MARLYMAR on Mon Jan 08 2018, 04:27

I knew I put anacondas out on my fields for a reason lol something just told me to put them out :) thanks 12ss12  heart


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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by baw815 on Mon Jan 08 2018, 08:14

From the pic I see a BB tree, the 3 jumbo stables, pig, goat and horse.  Jumbo trees, suzy's, super and turbo mulch, a cloud house pet, the one that gives Pinkie Pie pie, and BB's with the blue plus sign and a magic tree.  Not sure what that means.     don't know

January 2018 - Page 2 Bawsig12
Farm 99, Bahamarama 332

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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by mytzogan on Mon Jan 08 2018, 13:40

woooooot BB tree i want those :)))) cuz im greedy ^^ big grin big grin

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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Tue Jan 09 2018, 16:10

12ss12, post: 189223, member: 1544 wrote:The below was posted by Czech Oracle. Any idea what it is ?    January 2018 - Page 2 OO 

12ss12, post: 189183, member: 1544 wrote: Hyena   

January 2018 - Page 2 01


They say the above two pictures - hyena & those prizes might be a just a joke by the Czech Oracle for fun and that they are not true. Hyena is in zoorama.


Here is a sneak peek at what we’re currently working on – any guesses as to what it is?

January 2018 - Page 2 26239069_10155118606925986_67476019430564324_n


January 2018 - Page 2 Inspektor-png

A little rumor about the sphere: http://pt.bigpoint.com/farmerama/board/index.php?threads/canto-da-fofoca.10963/page-215#post-427072 Actually soon! (edited)
January 2018 - Page 2 010-gif

January 2018 - Page 2 Kuldetes 


For February Month - humming bird & yak stalls

January 2018 - Page 2 Alex56789



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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Tue Jan 09 2018, 16:26

January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata-game

For birthday event

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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Wed Jan 10 2018, 19:18

 Nostalgic Event

Everything will be needed: plant, tree plant, animal, crop. 
A lot of things, less of something. 
It will certainly ask for a lot of plants, but it can rest assured that we can presume something very densely , or perhaps even 6x per hour. 
In the case of trees, I looked at the more nostalgic trees in the red basket , I remained in the beginning, under 5 varieties, so many likely varieties would be enough.
January 2018 - Page 2 Sid-ani-1cumpdysube0u4l 

In the field of animals there is a different situation, looking for nostalgic animals that can be attached to the crop part in principle. 
So animals and crops may be needed. Here, too, you have to look at the beginnings. 
It may also be that crops of an animal do not even have to grow crops. 
I would still be under 5 in variety, but the red basket does not help much. 
Anyway, there is one saying. If the bar is a tricky thing to do with it. 
Jonah wrote if something gray would be on the market then he could cry. 
I'd rather not be!

In short stock up your barn !

I wondered what would be the new 
Premium Pheromone, potion? 
What can be the ingredient we do not know yet? 
Where and where will he be? In the mill? 
How do you give it to breeding? I hope the animals will be carried deeply in love!
January 2018 - Page 2 Sziv22


This animal is the strongest in the jungle 
do not dawdle with the face of good 
will destroy all plantings 
be careful and not go mad.
January 2018 - Page 2 Stableseedlingjan2018rhino_shopsalepanelicon_big-pngJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Stableseedlingjan2018rhino_shopicon-package_big-pngJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Stableseedlingjan2018rhino_questicon_small-pngJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Stableseedlingjan2018rhino_questicon_big-png
January 2018 - Page 2 Rhino_stable_00_regular_icon-pngJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Rhino_stable_00_regular_icon_big-pngJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Rhino_stable_00_regular_icon_small-png
January 2018 - Page 2 Rino1-jpgJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Rino2-jpgJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Rino3-jpg
January 2018 - Page 2 Stableseedlingjan2018rhino_news-bg_quest-pngJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Stableseedlingjan2018rhino_news-bg-png


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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Thu Jan 11 2018, 19:02

Pinata Pig
January 2018 - Page 2 Oie_twinkles-gif


For "Nostalgia" Event

Remember this puzzle by the Czech oracle. They say the solution to it includes the crops, fruit, animals & products required for a future event.  So far from the solutions that has been arrived at in various forums are - first 3 to 4 leveled crops, fruits, animals & products that include wheat,cress,carrots, sunflower, strawberries, Apple,plum,walnut,mulberry, Chickens,rabbits,goat,sheep, Eggs,angora wool,goat milk, sheep's wool. Amount required will be substantial. So stock them up.

220 0009165
120 00013
140 00014
4 040110



January 2018 - Page 2 Orrszarvu1


I see strange baskets today, I 

January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_news_baskets_bg-png 
January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_news_baskets-jpg

bring some strange objects in them. 

January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_dropitem_shopsale_icon-png January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_dropitem_shopsale_icon-png January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_dropitem_shopsale_icon-png January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_dropitem_shopsale_icon-png January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_dropitem_shopsale_icon-png 

It took them two mouse detectives, 

January 2018 - Page 2 343-png January 2018 - Page 2 343_thumbnail-png 

and went to look for the missing assets.

January 2018 - Page 2 Farmyardjan2018_helpcomic-jpg



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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Thu Jan 18 2018, 13:43

Hello, Farmers! 

In January, we can expect Farmerama's birthday, so far we present the content of event baskets and animations of items that will be available for purchase. 

Eighth birthday of FARMERAMA is a strong blow - in piniata! These baskets full of useful items make it even easier to swing the baton. Have fun! 

January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018basket1_big January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018basket2_big January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018basket3_big January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018basket4_big

January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_1x1 January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_1x2 January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_2x2

January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_1x1 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_1x2 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_2x2

January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_icon_small January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_icon_big January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_layer1 January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_layer2 January 2018 - Page 2 Origamiflower_layer3

January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_icon_small January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_icon_big January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_layer1 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_layer2 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinataflower_plant_layer3

January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_news_event_bg

January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018pinatapet_icon January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018pinata_egg_icon January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_xpbuff_icon_big January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_eventtimer_cloudrow

January 2018 - Page 2 Candies_02

January 2018 - Page 2 BirthdayEventBG_woodenstand

January 2018 - Page 2 Bg

January 2018 - Page 2 1x1 January 2018 - Page 2 2x1 January 2018 - Page 2 2x2

January 2018 - Page 2 1x1_top January 2018 - Page 2 2x1_top January 2018 - Page 2 2x2_top

Sale - birthday items. 
Limited time offer! Three new, amazing decorative items are available in the store at fantastic prices! 
You can also complete your collection with decorative items from past birthday events. Get to work! 

Fantastic Christmas 
January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayofferjan2018champaign

party. Birthday party. 
January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayofferjan2018banquet

Mega days 2018
January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayofferjan2018cheer2018

Names of items to be won in the event:Piniatowy blinds, Winna piniata, Throw a pinball, Piniatowa mail, Temple of Piniata . 

Special farmer's egg: Egg-shaped piniata (which after hatching will be called Pinni's den ) 
Gently knock on piniata after 64 hours, and a colored piniat lama will hatch. Every 72 hours it will provide you with a chest of a farmer's wheel of fortune!

January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata11 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata10 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata09 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata08

January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata07 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata06 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata05 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata04

January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata03 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata02 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata01 January 2018 - Page 2 Pinata12

January 2018 - Page 2 Plansza 


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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Fri Jan 19 2018, 19:24

January 2018 - Page 2 _bdayjan2018_news_ui_event-jpg
It's time to start! 

January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_helpcomic-jpg

It's worth going to such events! 
January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_helpcomic_bg-png 
Gifts are waiting, 
January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_helpcomic_bg2-png 
what are the contents of the packages?January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_helpcomic_mockup-jpgJanuary 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_helpcomic2-jpg



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January 2018 - Page 2 Empty Re: January 2018

Post by 12ss12 on Mon Jan 22 2018, 17:16


Summary of Birthday Event & Nostalgic Event

January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayjan2018_helpcomice8jhc

Pinata Party (24.01.2018 - 31.01.201 )
Birthday Event

1. The animals are completely out of a hovel, the farm birthday is to be celebrated. Orla has a Pinata Party planned. To celebrate a great Pinata Party, the animals have to diligently plant pinatunias and paper roses.

2. The first guests have already arrived. Katzlvania Jones jumps supple over the farm fence and raises his hat in greeting.
Ingrid has put on her best shieldmaid Kostuem and finely spruced up with their Viking ponies.

3. INSPECTOR MAUSEAU IS PACKING THE LOUPE AND STILL LOOKING FOR THE KAESESPUREN, BUT HE CAN ONLY FIND BIRTHDAY BONBON. A loud humming in the sky announces Susi dive, the wild loops turns in the sky and a speedy landing on the farm.

4. Finally, the farm stars have arrived and want to celebrate the Pinata Party. Take care of the guests and take care that they are sufficiently supplied with Pinatunien and paper roses. The birthday mood gets better with every wish and you get great rewards.
But make sure that no guest is neglected. Only if all guests have the same good mood, you will get thank you gifts. With birthday sweets, the mood improves faster from level to level.

5. The Farmstar guests are very happy about the funny Birthday Pinata Party and knock with motley sticks to the Pinatalama. That's where great Farmstar boxes fall out, even a colorful big box. What a great party. The guests and the animals are thrilled and celebrate until late in the night, until the clouds are raised.

Happy Birthday Farmerama!

So it's about time and Farmerma will celebrate his 8th birthday. Like the previous year events we might get a Loyalty Prize as reward depending upon the number of years we have played the event.
January 2018 - Page 2 08vbkf1 

At the birthday party, it's the guests Jones, Viking goose Ingrid, detective Mouse & Susi 
January 2018 - Page 2 Gstec0k9w 

January 2018 - Page 2 Eventisundbonbonsq4kt7 

Event crops : pinata flowers and paper florets.
Presumably we can improve the mood of the party guests with the candy - because only when all guests are in the same good mood, we are allowed to beat the pinata.
However, indications that the sweets were dropped during harvesting could not be found.
The event mechanics might be like Rascal Ride Event!
So we might need to deliver event plants and barn stocks to improve the mood of the party guests.
To improve the mood faster (progress bars) we might use candies.
Whether the candies are available only in the shop or as a gift or as event reward is not known so far.
If the mood of the guests is good, we can beat the Pinata and look forward to get rewards​

January 2018 - Page 2 FVG60ltSSKaj2sgFfEUnPQ

Event sticker.
January 2018 - Page 2 333_thumbnail-png

According to rumors, we will also be able to earn an event cloud line:

January 2018 - Page 2 Wl25hj6l 
Note: the cloudline was made up of the threads of the thread here by myself.
Explicit NO guarantee for correct allocation !!!
We will probably get the items:
Pinata Throw
Pinata Post
Pinata culprit
Blind Pinatas
Cheers in 2018
can be earned, or received as a gift.
So far nothing has been found about bonuses the expected cloud row might give us.
Possibly it might be a special reward

January 2018 - Page 2 Haustier32j3b
It could be a pet.
What bonus this pinata pet might give is not known yet.
Possibly the pet is also available in the shop for BBs.

* * * * * * * *************

For Nostalgic Moments Event

Coinciding with the Pinata birthday party, the owl Orla reminisces about previous birthday parties ​

Nostalgic moments 

January 2018 - Page 2 Bdayofferjan2018_newsphk9x
Note: Item inserted - expressly NO guarantee of relationship between layer and item 
graphics just put together to save pictures ...

Orla is in the middle of preparing for the farm birthday. 
Quickly she wants to make order at home, 
because the first party guests are already on their way. 
As she falls while cleaning up a photo album in the hands.
Memories, oh how nice. She sits down on the sofa and makes herself comfortable. 

The first pictures show Orla as a very young owl. 
The plumage decorated with colorful flowers. 
She was the star of the birthday party! 
The parties used to be great Orla thinks. 
But the parties today will get even better. 

At a party we decorated the city together. 
It was almost like carnival with many colorful balloons and confetti everywhere. 
The owl continues to bluff. At a party we even had a visit from famous stars. 
There came Cash, Willi Wackel, Elvus Speckely and even Bunnylin Bunroe. 

But Lenny Lepus hastily built a teleporter 
and so the stars were able to beam up and celebrate with lightning speed. 

Orla is still remembered and almost fell asleep at the dream. 
But Wollebomm arrives in Orla's cabin and shouts 
that the guests have just arrived and that everyone is waiting for Orla. 

6. The owl quickly gets up from the sofa 
and quickly puts on the battered felt hat and runs uhuhend 
and with the best party mood behind Wollebomm. 
Finally the party can start!
The animals are already excited and finally want to beat the pinata. 
And Orla is again the star of the party and meets first. 

Happy Farmerma!

Presumably, an event quest will start at the same time in the farmhouse, where you can look at the parties of the past years. 

What donations are required here could not be found so far. 
Also, if the prices of Event quest could possibly be helpful for the birthday party. 

As a sure reward, however, the Item Nostalgia movie should be considered. 

We may also be offered the opportunity to purchase items from past birthday parties in the shop 
Eager party guests will surely find support in the farm shop again

January 2018 - Page 2 Image_7

I wish you all a great and successful birthday party! 


I have edited as best as I can, the automatic translated words so that we can get a picture of what the events have in store for us. Thanks to LadyCatwoman of German Forum for providing us the summaries. I look forward to the pinata pet & want to know what it will give us. And hope everyone who finish the event can get it.[/size]

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