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March Rumours Empty March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Sat Mar 03 2018, 18:15

[b][b]7th - 13th [b][b]March[b][b][b][b][b][b]Aces High Event[/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]

March Rumours _airracemar2018_helpcomic-jpg

March Rumours 81hxf1uKBrkoC78mFsD9DNTx9sXR6vQx3mYYEal14AGBQAmh59-bQODXlYO3iN9G2Xya4PpDNZoG0XFsXVNiU_LEXishUrmT_tz4pDYiRfLcX0v_EWxrwxbTLi34ghXCznOMhS3P8fEjE2_UJp-U2gJ7=s0-d

March Rumours Flugrouteobs3t  

The latter would provide gifts in double. It will be?!
We might need  SUNFLOWERS for the production of fuel. It costs nothing to prepare your stock.

Sticker &  baskets :
March Rumours 359-pngMarch Rumours 08

[url= e mais fofocas] e mais fofocas[/url]ächste-runde.71931/page-2#post-3388200

[b]14th - 20th [b][b]March[/b]: Wild About Animals Event[/b][/b]

Breeding of Mammals & birds. 
March Rumours Image-420-pngMarch Rumours Image-411-png

We will get Yak & Humming Bird Stalls as rewards.
Breed birds and mammals and collect the badges which drop while breeding & use it with animals/coloured animals to get your rewards

March Rumours Illustration-of-a-buffalo-on-a-white-background-drawing_csp11486692  March Rumours 1372973360

Google pictures

[b][b]14th - 20th [b]March: The Hunt for Red Diamond Event[/b][/b][/b]

The Hunt for the Red Diamond 

The legendary pearl, Red Diamond, is the dream of every adventurer.
Join Kandúriana Jones and "Kiry Rudokitki" (translating names is not always the real thing) to explore the ruins, find something else, not just the treasures!
Plant "giant bamboo" and harvest "blades" during harvesting.
Then create the " pen knife" in the mill to get great prizes in the adventure.
In addition to the usual rewards, you can get valuable hidden treasures for each step.
Find them before you go deeper into the ruins. You can not turn back! Pay with items to delve further into the ruins!

Giant bamboo

March Rumours Bambusz-kicsi-png
March Rumours 4330cd05f7d10f46b4997232237d5b47595d9f68

Drops will be blades
March Rumours KIuZJMBQSQ7TKMPyfBCnzuCJG-YOWYGLUWv1xYwF6QyklWBUkH4KDuvel8p2c4W9u7oypA=s85

Mill product - pen knife

March Rumours Th?id=OIP.0XidZQ5nCjR2D9Dq64lwNwD6D6&w=190&h=190&c=8&o=5&pid=1

March Rumours 360-png March Rumours 360_thumbnail-png
We're going on an expedition!
We have a lot of practice in this! 
Our cat Jones faces
a new and dangerous mazes
have to help much
could be lost along the way.
March Rumours 360-pngMarch Rumours Discovery-access_point-pngMarch Rumours Discovery-access_pointMarch Rumours Discovery-access_pointMarch Rumours Discovery-access_pointMarch Rumours Discovery-access_pointMarch Rumours Discovery-access_pointMarch Rumours Discovery-access_point
March Rumours Gr-jpgMarch Rumours Character_left-pngMarch Rumours Grb-jpgárnyra-kelhet.14377/page-873#post-831655
Google Pictures

16th - 21st March: Descend into the Temple Event
(Pictures & information are from older event. They might not change or they might)

March Rumours News-png March Rumours Event-layer-jpg

* What is special about this event?
There will be 4 different event keys, which can be obtained through the 3 special event quests or in the Basket:
Square Key

Circle Key
Triangle Key
Wave Key

March Rumours Ksquare-pngMarch Rumours Kcircle-pngMarch Rumours Ktriangle-pngMarch Rumours Kwave-png

There will be a special drop:
Monkey Tablet

March Rumours 6-png

19th - 21st March: Recycl-o-mat

FAQ of the Previous event can be found here.

March Rumours Recycl-o-mat-jpg

March Rumours Image7-png

21st - 27th [b]March: Spring Into Spring Event[/b]

Event crops :  giant carnation and   giant crocus.

March Rumours 151965111475255588-carnation-giant-chabaud-mix-color-seed     March Rumours 935d72466741a7954471747d2b137173 

Event Drops : Dew Drops & Snow Flakes

March Rumours QIHcekW2YP4XMwwErJvrUN8fJfLFfvVemyEF6vtBMr1iqfysPKSQ7COwoqVXKtSVS7SM75w=s85  March Rumours YZS86WkXFnHruTuio3t4OpHXVNVUe7UYqyOZrEUfQ7-BnX9DBoiNDEyIFIaqgxn_h_K8Yho=s119

Mill Product :  Spring Scent 

March Rumours Bmpw4LGLnmQ0WQekjssl43q1cW0b9JWN7dU7EPDXJe3XQCbqPFJJsruMHnUVAoqnVF7u=s85 

Google Pictures

23rd - 26th [b][b]March[/b]: Wonder Stables[/b]

23rd - 26th [b][b]March[/b]: San Gigantica Express[/b]

The train will give us  European Robin & upgrades for stork pen - Yellow & orange pens

March Rumours Petirrojo

Google picture

28th - 31st [b][b]March[/b]: Easter Event[/b]

Bahamarama Content Upgrades

  • Two new plants March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-36-21-pngMarch Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-36-39-png

1. Cactus hat 
March Rumours Kaktus-z-pi%C4%99kny-r%C3%B3%C5%BCowe-kwiecie-wektory-eps_csp41606647 March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-36-29-png

2. Giant carnames

March Rumours Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYgsmAemA1KcjE8ZUapOx3Gvkbn2Y_Y79ZQwvcDkQFkV-djhZT  March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-36-47-png

  •  Two new trees:  March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-36-55-png

1. Betel palm Tree; Fruit is Betel nut 
  March Rumours Zohpchz64jycdwqshjq1  

2. Ficus ; Fruit is Ficus fruit 

March Rumours Hqdefault

  • Sloth Egg  

The sloth egg will hatch after 7 days & you will get a volcanic bungalow. It will give you 10 % EP & TEP for 60 minutes. You will be able to upgrade  this bungalow in future.  It is its special feature. The pet will be available to be purchased by golden bananas. (that's what I understood from automatic translation of Hungarian Rumours & I hope I am correct. If not forgive me).

 March Rumours 05bzprx4vsr

March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-35-58-png

March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-35-20-jpeg

March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-35-48-jpeg

March Rumours Upload_2018-2-27_15-36-7-png

Other rumours

  • [b]For April : [b][b][b]April Fool Event, [/b]Viking Event 5, Robotics, Amusement Park, Ice hockey event, Mega Harvest Event, Pets Retro Sale, Butterfly Breeding.[/b][/b][/b]

March Rumours 27867052_10155229578000986_5320669021372329750_n

March Rumours XBQ29J6wPAgA59O148cUDz0bHJOHgAtccENbuTa4w6XN03WEoLZuK8C8eZuztDUC5rbr5nY=s85 March Rumours Images

  • [b]Crafting Product Changes[/b]

Spa Blender/ mixer might go away.
We will get 9 more crafting products.

- Drink "Tropic colada" 
- Drink "Vanilla sunrise" 
- Croissant 
- Chocolate croissant 
- Caramel tart 
- Hibiscus jam 
- Eucalyptus jelly
- Flower crown 
- Paradise wreath/garland 
crops visible in the pictures are pineapple, vanilla, bromelia, figs, cinnamon, jovellana, mandarin, helikonia, water lily. So there is a possibility we might need them.

More crafting buff slots - 2 diamond & 3 golden slots ?

March Rumours 04

  March Rumours 1i

March Rumours 1

  • Changes at the market

Market Filtering & cateogarisation - There will be subcategories in markets, like vegetables, flowers, and for animals - storks , mammals etc., So filter and find out our choice.
Marketing Journal - We will be able to record our sales
Marketing Licence - There will be a concept of marketing license. We can make first 10 offers for free, after that we have to buy marketing licence (for BBs might be) to place more offers.​

  •  New runes in trees of wisdom relating to breeding which will require a huuuuuuge amount of stars.

March Rumours Strom_moudrosti

  • Changes in  Chickadee Roost

  • Butterfly Breeding in April & 3 neon pens in May (may be mice, cat & dog)

March Rumours Motyl2

  • A new factory &  a new area in Factory field.

March Rumours 01

  • What will be here ?  There is a talk of amusement park. Will it come up here.

March Rumours Mestoárnyra-kelhet.14377/page-873#post-831655ła-dziś-kula.49761/page-1047#post-1744519

I think I have compiled to my best. Have a nice day / Good Night !

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Sat Mar 03 2018, 18:18

Sorry I couldn't edit the above post. I will do it tomorrow. Tired today.

Tookie ! Hi  Everytime I copy and post something from over there I get this problem. Any idea how to prevent/ solve it ? scratch head

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by Brookeham on Sun Mar 04 2018, 21:26

wow 12ss12!!!! That is a ton of rumors!!! You are kind to work so hard finding and sharing them with us!!!!!  thank you FlowersGive

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Mon Mar 05 2018, 15:01

Hello, Farmers! 

Fair snow and cold! Welcome the sun and celebrate the coming of spring with us! 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018 

In the baskets below you can see the springs and event plants. 

The incidents are: dew drops and snowflakes. Plants is a giant carnation and a giant crocus. In the mill we will produce the "Scent of Spring". 

The translation is not official so it may be different from what will be available in the game. 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket1_big March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket2_big March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket3_big March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket4_big 

Plants Event: 

Giant Carnation (giant pink) 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018giantcarnation

Giant Crocus (crocus giant) 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018giantcrocus


Flower Field Bunny 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018flowers 

Surprise Fountain 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018carnationcart 

Busy Garden Animals 

March Rumours Compoundmar2018gardencenter 

Spring Dance

March Rumours Compoundmar2018springfling 

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Mon Mar 05 2018, 15:01

Big and small herds together!
 Explore the world of wild animals, join in the fun 
and get great rewards such as a yak farm and a nest for hummingbirds! 
Go to the oasis of love and start breeding animals in the following categories: birds and mammals. 
Animal husbandry will award you with a badge for each category. 
Pay bred animals from a specific category to receive a special reward. Repeat this operation for each category. 
Deposit badges from a given category to receive rewards. Repeat this operation for each category to get more rewards. 

March Rumours Image1

Below we present baskets in which you can see the graphics of new animals.

March Rumours Breedingmar2018birdpack_big March Rumours Breedingmar2018mammalpack_big March Rumours Breedingmar2018valuepack_big March Rumours Breedingmar2018smallpack_big

Are you looking for more birds, mammals and other items necessary for breeding? Get as much as you need, thanks to special baskets! Hint: Buy a large basket to quickly get new farms! Itemy 

Humming the melody. 

March Rumours Breedingmar2018bambooorgan 

Stubborn as

March Rumours Breedingmar2018packyak

in April, the next homesteads will be colored. The time has come for butterflies.

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Mon Mar 05 2018, 15:02

Hello, Farmers! 

From 14 to 20 March, it's the time to hunt the Red Diamond event . 

March Rumours Character_right March Rumours Character_left

The legendary gem Red Diamond is the dream of every adventurer. 

Join the investigating ruins of Jones' and Kira Rudokitki's kittens to find something more than treasures! 

March Rumours Discoverymar2018_eventtimer-cloudrow March Rumours Discoverymar2018_eventtimer-cloudrow March Rumours Discoverymar2018_eventtimer-cloudrow

Answer the call of ruins by planting giant bamboo and collecting the blades of knives during the harvest. 

Then create penknives in the mill to go on an adventure in the ruins and get great prizes! 

March Rumours ScyzorykMarch Rumours ScyzorykMarch Rumours Scyzoryk

Note: In addition to the usual rewards, you can get valuable hidden treasures for each step.

Find him before you go deeper into the ruins. You can not turn back! Pay with items to delve further into the ruins! 

The Red Diamond hunt has begun! These baskets contain everything you need during a successful adventure in the jungle during which many treasures are to be found. 

March Rumours Discoverymar2018basket1_big March Rumours Discoverymar2018basket2_big March Rumours Discoverymar2018basket3_big March Rumours Discoverymar2018basket4_big

March Rumours Discovery-access_point

March Rumours Central_pillars


March Rumours 360

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Tue Mar 06 2018, 16:16

Here is a sneak peek at what we’re currently working on – any guesses as to what it is?

March Rumours 28795920_10155275475410986_6166890427584489860_n

March Rumours Discoverymar2018_social-media-news_ui-jpg

March Rumours Discoverymar2018_helpcomic_bg-png 

March Rumours Discoverymar2018_news-bg_event-png 

March Rumours Discoverymar2018machete_big-png March Rumours Discoverymar2018machete_small-png 

March Rumours Discoverymar2018dullblade_big-png March Rumours Discoverymar2018_shopsaleicon_dropitem-png March Rumours Discoverymar2018dullblade_small-png 

March Rumours Discoverymar2018dullblade_package50-png March Rumours Discoverymar2018dullblade_package100-png March Rumours Discoverymar2018dullblade_package200-png ​

[size=12]Hello, Farmers! 

Getting closer to Easter. Traditionally, it will also appear on our farm. 
We present you event baskets and their content: 

March Rumours Eastermar2018basket1_big March Rumours Eastermar2018basket2_big March Rumours Eastermar2018basket3_big March Rumours Eastermar2018basket4_big 

As soon as more information and graphics related to this event appears, we will add them in this news.

[size=12][size=12]We have already written about the spring event in previous news. 
In the near future, a new seasonal item is planned. 

A delicious melon
March Rumours Springgift2018watermelon 


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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Fri Mar 09 2018, 02:42

 May be we will play the easter event in this special area.

March Rumours 9f853cea8e581a6d869e38d9aca4e5a2592dc866

The baskets of the event
March Rumours Eastermar2018basket1_big March Rumours Eastermar2018basket2_big March Rumours Eastermar2018basket3_big March Rumours Eastermar2018basket4_big

Spring Event
(21-27 March)

March Rumours Compoundmar2018

March Rumours 9f454b32222ac0bff2cd98ede06a811358c0be60

The baskets of the event

March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket1_big March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket2_big March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket3_big March Rumours Compoundmar2018basket4_big

Breeding Event

March Rumours Image1

March Rumours Breedingmar2018birdpack_big March Rumours Breedingmar2018mammalpack_big March Rumours Breedingmar2018valuepack_big March Rumours Breedingmar2018smallpack_big 

March Rumours MyvalMarch Rumours Genialni_multitasking_anMarch Rumours Meloun_1=March Rumours Otaznik

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Fri Mar 09 2018, 20:01

Beware, the expansive collection arrives on the third track. 
We ask customers to hand over their unnecessary goods to the appropriate freight wagon. 
Please prepare your unnecessary yellow, orange, or other scrap, do not exceed your allowance, and return in time for your shipments. 
Beware, the Expres collection will arrive on the third track.

March Rumours Megafon
March Rumours 3

March Rumours 4 March Rumours 7

March Rumours 6March Rumours 3

March Rumours 4March Rumours 7March Rumours DZYsEtP .php? threads / farmoraculum.16281 / page-142

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Sat Mar 10 2018, 19:23

Hello, Farmers! 

Oxcars are coming back to the farm, but ... due to the serious attacks of worms, unfortunately we have to cancel the Oxcar competition. 

March Rumours Foolapr2018basket1_big March Rumours Foolapr2018basket2_big March Rumours Foolapr2018basket3_big March Rumours Foolapr2018basket4_big

Please do not worry! Our qualified intern will deal with worms ...

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Mon Mar 12 2018, 18:23

Hello, Farmers! 

The "San Gigantika" express will exchange your farms for a mysterious load! Load them on the train and wait for them to come back. It's a chance to get a new pen for deer. 

March Rumours Ssc
March Rumours 4 March Rumours 7

Try the package of puzzling homesteads "Vienna" and guarantee a new nest for robins! 

March Rumours Animalseedling
Here is your chance to get a new mysterious farm "Vienna"! With a bit of luck, you'll get a new nest for robins or storks! 

New mission: "Reds against blue"
March Rumours Animalseedlingquest
Watch the finals of the Rugby League League together with the weasel family! Who will win, red or blue? Find out now and win sports prizes! 

Farm for deer 
March Rumours Stagbeetle_upgrade_0

stags. Nest for robins
March Rumours Robin_upgrade_0

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by Brookeham on Mon Mar 12 2018, 18:43

wow so many juicy rumors!!!! Eek Thanks 12ss12!!!  heartbeat

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by Cassie101 on Fri Mar 16 2018, 10:26

Well done! One Two for all your hard work. 
full marks

March Rumours Cassie11

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

Post by 12ss12 on Sun Mar 18 2018, 09:02

Hello, Farmers! 

Soon, six new missions for players at higher levels will appear in the cooperative. 

Falcon shadow 
March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_430_small

1. The Muscle cat is watching the lazy animals. "What's that supposed to mean? Are you farm animals or weaklings? I will train you already! "- he got up. "But first a healthy breakfast!" The animals are quite skeptical about the muesli. It is dry like sand in the desert! 
2. As part of the warm-up, the animals are engaged in warriors, the corpses of which have been made of ivory and the heads of the coconut. "Max! Stop squeezing Borsty's mouth on the coconut! "Klaus suddenly screams. Sulky Maks peeling a banana. And with what aggression! 
3.Next in plan are weights. Klaus demonstrates to animals how to raise them, holding in each paw on a large hydrant. "Inhale - and now!" Both hydrants are above his head. What a strength! Unfortunately, training participants are only able to squeeze the device. 
4. "Three more laps, you guys!" - Klaus does not show runners pity. Only one thing helps to fight fatigue: motivating music! With the song "Falcon shadow" it's so easy to run. Or maybe it's a drink with guarana? 
5."Are we going to climb the water tank ?!" "That's right!" - Klaus calls, quickly climbing the ladder. Oh no! Suddenly stumbles and falls! Fortunately, the animals catch it before it breaks down on the ground. Phew! "Excellently! You are already strong enough and fit "- cried Klaus. Eventually! 

Island hero 
March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_431_big

1. "Help!" Ara Croft is in danger! She cooked so hot paprika chili that her nest was in flames. "Quick, water!" Suddenly, a mysterious figure flies on a liana next to a tree and saves the bird lady from oppression, at the same time screwing up her artificial mustache. 
2.The stranger hides a muzzle under the mask from which a charming nose protrudes. It also has an elegantly curled petiole. It's definitely a superhero! "Who are you?" - ask the animals, approaching the newcomer, but this one ignites the smoke bomb and disappears. He leaves a basket full of fruit with a note saying: "Help yourself!" 
3. "We need to find out who is jesssst! Maybe it's a ssssuper hero !? - the anaconda hisses. To lure him out of the hideout, the animals intentionally pack into trouble that would tempt every hero - for example a rodeo on the back of a rhinoceros. "It has put you all right," the rhinoceros muttered. 
4.The camel parrot, dressed with feathers, flies on its rug just above the volcano, crying for help, but no hero appears on the horizon. Embarrassed, she stops playing the lady in oppression. He is a strong and independent camel! 
5. The mysterious hero still remains hidden. Meanwhile, on the same afternoon, the daughter of the sheds who had recently settled in the area caused a great deal of contempt when she turned totem tiki while skateboarding. "Who would have thought?" - the anaconda leans up knowingly. 

The art of cooking 
March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_432_big

1.Gaston de Bulion is experiencing a creative crisis. Nothing goes his way, even his famous Pavlova, made of ostrich eggs, has sunk into himself! "This is the end of my career in gastronomy!" - says the dragon chef, and then goes on searching for inspiration without delay. 
2. Koziunio invited Gaston to his alpine pasture. The dragon cook learns how to produce delicious dairy products from milk: cheese, butter or yogurt. Pychota! Gaston's humor quickly improves and ideas for new dishes germinate in his head! 
3. Gaston descends from high mountains into a dense forest in which teddy bear and his family gather honey. "It's our precious honey." Gaston smells the golden goo. "It smells like freshly chopped wood. I wonder how it would combine with truffle cake? " 
4.During the expedition in search of culinary inspirations, Gaston de Bulion encountered members of the Sermon Order. "You too much" - said Maciek, mixing cheese fondue. "Food does not have to be a work of art. It should just taste good. Try this". Well, this fondue IS a work of art! 
5. Is it possible to cook something that tastes good at the same time and looks like art? Gaston is puzzled over this difficult issue when he suddenly hears: "Oh! I see that you desperately need a meeting with an artist! "- culpate Vincent van Gulgot. "Let's start with the basics. Combining blue with yellow you will get green. " Gaston sighs heavily. 
6.Vincent van Gulgot dives to the big box and throws out more mess. Under Gaston's legs, therefore, there are artificial mustaches, cartons and fans. "Your next dish will be born from a brainstorm! This is the best way to restore your creative minds! " 
7. Gaston returns to a farm full of creative energy. He invites everyone to a party during which he gives ice-cream with peanut butter fried in deep oil. Scrumptious! "Let Gaston often experience similar crises" - the animals giggle. 

Municipal gardens 
March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_433_big

1.On the farm you only talk about urban gardens lately! Maks explains what they mean: "It's just farms, just in the city. On balconies, in apartments or in parks. A great thing! "Borsty put his ears. Sounds like a new source of easy income! 
2. "How much wood do you want to buy?" - the boss of the beaver team almost dropped the toothpick in amazement. "I'm talking. All". A moment later, Borsty buys several sacks of seeds from Józef Łatka. What is the entrepreneurial boar going back there? 
3. Borsty disappeared in the depths of his factory and started the machines. Soon the sawmill began to rattle and the hammers click. The animals exchange worried looks. When Borsty is busy, it means he is plotting something. Probably something bad! 
4.On the day of the garden fair, Borsty proudly presents his new invention. "Ahead of you that the world has not seen! A real gardening miracle! "- he boasts. "Everyone needs this!" - he added, and then discovered ... a high bed. 
5. In the hall you can hear the chirping of crickets. "A high bed? Borsty, this is not a new invention! We've all got them for a long time "- Max screams. A complete fiasco! But Borsty is still trying to turn the situation to his advantage. In the end he will have a place to grow mushrooms! 

Different brothers 
March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_434_big

1.Dr. Adnap hung his nose on the fifth. "Something happened?" - Zuzia asks him. "Oh, Zuzia. My younger brother comes to visit and ... "- explanations are interrupted by a passing shadow, which then makes a salto from the roof of the monkey temple and lands hard on the ground. "Bruce L. Adnap! The star of action movies! "- he introduces himself. 
2. Let it! The inhabitants of the islands were overjoyed at the sight of Bruce balancing with a mobile structure consisting of a fruit stuffed on two sticks and simultaneously chopping the wood with his paw. "Come on. They're just ordinary tricks! "Dr. Adnap mumbles, but no one listens. I do not think he is jealous, right? 
3.When Bruce presents his famous number on a rope stretched over the fields of habanero peppers, Dr. Adnap finally explodes and tugs the rope. Fortunately, Bruce saves himself by doing a bold death salvo. Phew! 
4. Fine, now Dr. Adnap feels bad about what he did. Repentant, he gives Bruce a basket of parish gifts. "Excuse me, brother. I do not know what got into me, "he admitted. "Do not worry, I got into more trouble. Did I ever tell you how I fought with a white shark? " 
5. Doctor Adnap rolls her eyes and laughs. Moments later, both pandas are in a stone garden. Bruce orders him with rakes, and Dr. Adnap writes a medical article. Look, even so different brothers can spend time together! 

March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_435_big

1."Boss, koi koi!" Don Canalio suddenly exclaims. "What about them?" - asks Borsty. "We will steal them, sell them and we will be rich!" - weasel answers. After a short reflection, Borsty accepts the companion's plan and then glues a false mustache. "Now mothers who are born to us will not recognize us!" - he states. 
2. Kozisław looks at the two strangers in astonishment, kneeling at the pond with koi carps in the middle of the night. "What are you doing here?" He asks. "Ouch!" - Borsty yells, bitten by one of the fish with a finger. In response, Kozisław throws mixtures in the pendulum! 
3.Borsty and Don Canalio escaped, but no carp! They try not to look in spite of the pink powder and glitter they have been showered with. They rent a flying carpet with the intention of getting into BAHAMARAMA, but something is in their way. "Do we know each other?" Asks the mouse pilot. 
4. Little thinking, the scammers jump into the sea and swim towards the shore. They crawl into the darkened beach and hide in the jungle. "We have to change! Melt into the crowd and pay no attention to anyone! "Says Borsty. "A bright matter, boss!" 
5. Łapserdaki finally decide to get out of the jungle in skirts with parrot feathers and coconut bra. They hit the Queen of the Monkey parade! "What are we doing, boss?" - kissed Don Canalio. "We're dancing, Canalio. We're dancing! "- he declared. What a view!

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

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Anyone bored here a lot?
the chances will be hard to do.

The fruit of trees, flowers from Baha
do you know that? Come on, ah ...

not put your boots on your watch.

Grow, Harvest, fruits Comb
throw nicely at ease

There's a job for a hundred years
or maybe only five

March Rumours _highlevelquestmar2018_news_ui

March Rumours Highlevelquestmar2018_news-bg

Remember I once said we will get yellow & Orange upgrades of stork. I mentioned about it in February thread. We will get the upgrades from Secret Stables. The Secret stables will also give us red beetle.

The storks, one day, were discussing how gray their lives were. Music:
So, thoughtfully, they thought they were taking a little color in their lives. p
Even, to start with not one but two colors.March Rumours WinkMarch Rumours Smile

March Rumours Farmerama-hirek-339b59304bc2bd2026ónásné-is-szabadon-szárnyra-kelhet.14377/page-899#post-841024

spring event 

Big crocus  is for Mainland farms
March Rumours Image2-graswkpht

Carnations is for Bahamarama

March Rumours Image1-grasnrqzn

Event Drops
snow flakes  will be got from mainlandfarms  and dew drops  will fall on island.
March Rumours Text9esbv
product from the mill. ... fresh scent
March Rumours Frhlingsduftbaq1mMarch Rumours Frhlingsduftbaq1mÜberblicke.33124/page-8#post-3415957

Some other rumours. We will get runes to speed up the growth of trees, will have Boat Travel event,  Treasure Hunt Event, 4 new runes,

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March Rumours Empty Re: March Rumours

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