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Post by 12ss12 on Tue Nov 06 2018, 12:40

A new case for inspector Myszeau! Someone stole many things from the whole farm and hid them all (who could have done it ?!). Put on the detective's cap and start searching! 

November ruomours Hiddenobjnov2018basket1_big November ruomours Hiddenobjnov2018basket2_big November ruomours Hiddenobjnov2018basket3_big November ruomours Hiddenobjnov2018basket4_big

Thanks to your help, hidden objects will not be hidden for too long! Search the farm and solve the case, making one of those useful, full of detective accessories baskets! 

Big Hunts - one-time offer

November ruomours Hiddenobjnov2018basket5_big

Only today: Enjoy this amazing package and start the Big Hunt with panache! Inside you will find everything you need to find all hidden objects in the blink of an eye. Go to the store, until it's too late!

Winter is almost at the belt! So it's time for the favorite treat of squirrels - roasted winter chestnuts! Help the squirrels to gather delicacies and enjoy the sweet, smoked taste of roasted chestnuts! 

November ruomours Compoundnov2018news_baskets_bg

November ruomours Compoundnov2018basket1_big November ruomours Compoundnov2018basket2_big November ruomours Compoundnov2018basket3_big November ruomours Compoundnov2018basket4_big

November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_icon_big November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_package50 November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_package100 November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_package200

Mmm ... The smell of roasted chestnuts in the air! Thanks to this full of necessary ingredients, you will quickly earn a great prize! 

November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnutdish_icon_big November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnutdish_icon_big November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnutdish_icon_big

Big Chestnut Hunt (sticker).
November ruomours 404

Deposit items needed for squirrels and get rewards. Letters must be completed one by one, but they can be completed simultaneously. 
Do you want to win something really great? Complete tasks to fill the progress bar and receive extraordinary prizes. Enjoy the great chestnut hunt!
You managed to complete all the tasks. Mmm, do you already feel the aromas of roasted chestnuts? 

Plant: Welsh onion
Plant: Winter chestnut
Product in the mill: Chestnut soup Item 

Studded chestnuts, Chestnut work, Wealth of baked chestnuts, Chestnut grill

Each item will give a bonus for a certain number of meetings, then how will we collect bonuses will give only PD or TPD.

November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_shopsale November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_shopsale November ruomours Compoundnov2018chestnut_shopsale

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November ruomours Empty Re: November ruomours

Post by Brookeham on Wed Nov 07 2018, 09:03

12ss12 - Great rumor!!! I can't wait to start on the chestnuts!!! NodYes

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