beginner new quests

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Re: beginner new quests

Post by Mooboy on Sat Nov 19 2016, 11:50

I agree with Some Good Points as this is after all Quests for Newbies. As it helps them work on Simple Tasks to Achieve a simple Task.

But any Newbie Starting a New Farm these days, compared to the older days when we started our farm several years ago. Where all Events and All Quests gave Stars lots of them.

But today Newbie Tougher Task ahead of them is the Lack of Stars from Events. Many Newbies can get lots of CC if they play the Markets to buy and Sell as it really helps them progress and level up Better and Quicker these quests has very little Boost to help them progress. Only in my view just a Tutorial Kind of Quests  wink

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Re: beginner new quests

Post by Moraine on Sat Nov 19 2016, 12:09

@pepsishot wrote:[...] I have a goal to clear my list and have none needing to be done. [...] I really hate the timed ones though and I keep deciding to focus on any other quest but those. [...] Who has time to do those timed ones anymore???
 Same goal, the events are mere a distraction. I don't mind the timed ones too much, they are like min events, and I just finished the last one! Yep, you heard me, the timed ones are history, past, last hour's kind of thingie. But I did go the lazy route in the end. Bought 60 pens boh I felt rich and it was worth in in the sense of very smug and satisfied. After all it's "rip off the rich and old" - time of the year. The HH, top farmers emptying their barns event.

I was a bit let down there wasn't a star in the final quests, but I have an inkling this might be a part of the new tutorial, and certainly I would have loved to do this the first week of my new farm. Then again - the prize never seem to matter, my FOCD trumps all

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Re: beginner new quests

Post by farmer_broke on Sat Jan 14 2017, 19:16

I think the rewards are about right.  And BP is simply baiting the hook to catch the fish.


How much is a golden hen on your market?  Or how much did the power feed cost?  hahaha

Well, say the golden hen is worth 12 million on the market.  Just say.   hahaha

Experienced players will turn in the golden hen worth 12 million for 375,000.   hahaha

Who is really the looser?  

Haven't done any of the new ones yet.   It'll take me at least a year to grow those lettuce.  belly laugh

That breeding quest is something like Clucks .....    

I feel like BP is laughing at me and calling me a cluck and I won't do that quest.  

Ah cluck  :rolling on flo :rolling on flo

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Re: beginner new quests

Post by zensioux on Sat Jan 14 2017, 20:58

I did them all in an hour when I was board. Very Forgettable!

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Re: beginner new quests

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